Metal Roofing

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Have you considered a metal roof for your home?

Though metal roofs have topped buildings throughout America for centuries, they?ve taken on a new surge in popularity thanks to their unique advantages.

With a metal roof, you can enjoy:

* Reduced energy consumption thanks to its heat-fighting properties.
* Minimal maintenance due to its solid construction.
* Excellent hurricane and storm protection as a result of thorough engineering.

At CLC Roofing, we can help you choose an attractive metal roofing option for your house, providing you with an excellent long-term investment.

Save money with a metal roof

Metal roofs today are designed with high-quality aluminum or steel that can save your family up to 40% on energy bills each year. That?s because of the ways these roofs prevent heat from entering your home, including:

* Reflecting heat before it absorbs into your home.
* Reemitting much of the heat that is absorbed, so it doesn?t affect your family.
* Preventing heat absorption through an appropriate color choice.

Classic and modern looks for your home

A standing seam metal roof consists of large, interlocking roofing panels that are often cut to match the shape and size of your roof. This style of roofing offers your family the highest level of protection possible, as its large pieces form an impenetrable, waterproof seal.

Metal shingles offer deeply textured surfaces that mimic the character of wood shake shingles, including wood grain patterns. However, they also offer the durability, affordability and energy savings that only metal roofing provides.

Enjoy the ultimate protection and lifespan

Metal roofs can last as long as your house, as they won’t rot, tear, or loosen over time. You can keep your metal roof looking fresh with an occasional, simple new coat of paint.

Metal roofing also offers the highest level of fire resistance for your home. You may be able to reduce your homeowners insurance costs simply by having this affordable, long-lasting and eco-friendly roofing material.

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