Skylight Installation

Houston Skylight Installation

Quality Skylights can provide your home with elegant interiors and energy savings, but only if the Skylights are properly installed and in good repair.

At CLC Roofing, Inc., we can add a Skylight to your Houston-area home or replace your existing Skylight with a contemporary model that incorporates the latest advances in energy savings, light control, and ease-of-use.

The Benefits of a Skylight

Skylights can permit up to 30% more of the sun?s light into any room than a vertical window. You can enjoy a personal study, a playroom, or bathroom with natural light radiating throughout or natural light that targets a particular area, all while reducing energy costs.

They?re so energy-efficient, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends Skylights as a means of reducing your environmental impact while saving on your lighting, cooling, and heating costs.

Options and Features for Your Skylight

Today?s Skylights are made in a wide variety of styles and with many optional features. At CLC Roofing, we can help you choose the right model to best take advantage of the Houston sunlight in your home.

We?ll help you choose from models that offer different levels of lighting, energy efficiency, as well as durability and convenience.

And if you don?t already have a Skylight, our experts can determine the appropriate size for your skylight and its location, ensuring you enjoy its benefits.

You can also enjoy features such as:

* Heat-fighting tints
* Energy-efficient glazings
* Shades, blinds and screens
* Convenient, electronic opening systems

Professional Skylight Installation

As a professional roofing company, CLC Roofing has the expertise, experience, and selection to outfit your home with a Skylight that can illuminate your home with pleasant, natural light.

And don?t let your Skylight be a cause of leaks or other damage to your home: Choose a professional Installation by CLC Roofing. We can also handle your roofing repair and replacement needs.

Call CLC Roofing today at to discuss how a new Skylight can improve the quality and value of your home.